December 10, 2016

Our Value Proposition

REACH:  UNDP SIF has unparalleled global reach by accessing UN development experts in more than 170 countries around the world – an organizational footprint that is uniquely global.

DEPTH: UN expertise is deep – covering all the SDG-related sectors including SME Development, clean and renewable energy, water and waste management, infrastructure, healthcare, clean tech, innovation and new technologies – a long established knowledge base that is truly comprehensive.

PARTNERSHIPS: UNDP SIF is expanding its partner network including governments, donors, family trusts, High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and private sector investment partners.

NEUTRALITY AND TRANSPARENCY:  UNDP SIF offers a politically neutral investment environment that includes both downstream investment opportunities and upstream policy advice, helping to combat legal, cultural and financial barriers to social impact investment opportunities.

RISK MANAGEMENT:  UNDP SIF will employ best-in-class social impact and financial risk and return frameworks that support the quantification of environmental, social and economic impacts.

PIPELINE:  The UN and their associated programmes have a practically invisible pipeline of vetted 1st and 2nd stage investment opportunities that are seeking growth and expansion financing.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Due to the UN reach, UNDP SIF has access to global market intelligence when seeking expansion opportunities and local investment and government partners.

M&E RESEARCH: UNDP SIF will establish an A-level academic consortium to research, test and define a new hybrid set of performance KPIs that can disaggregate short and long-term economic and SDG-related results and impacts. This is to better inform investment decision-makers.

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