September 18, 2017

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UNSIF Team Members


David Galipeau

Chief Impact Officer, Asia-Pacific



David joined the UN in 2010 managing innovation, knowledge and digital portfolios for different agencies. He is now with UNDP and has founded the United Nations Social Impact Fund (UNSIF), which brings together venture philanthropists, family trusts, foundations, corporations, governments and private sector investors to chart a new course toward creating a SDG-aligned “blended financing” platform — balancing both social and economic performance.  

UNSIF represents a new partnership architecture that includes all sectors to facilitate financing for SDG-aligned investments in a manner that combine philanthropy, traditional development financing with capital market investments — a true blended finance model.

UNSIF is interested to facilitate financing for SDG-aligned investment projects that support m/SMEs and Mid-cap industries such as energy, agri/aqua-culture, infrastructure and special economic zones. We also seek to utilize the next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, drones, and material science.

Prior to joining the UN, David started his career in Canada and then in Europe for over 20 years where he held senior management positions within the strategy, digital and business development with Top-3 global corporations. Left to continue his education and become an “dotcom” entrepreneur in the late 90’s where David founded three start-ups. Two were successfully acquired in 2000.


Nan Li Collins

Head of UNSIF, Asia-Pacific



Ms. Nan Li Collins has around 20 years’ experiences in both international organizations and business investment sectors across Asia, Africa and North America.  

She is also responsible for Asia-Pacific Partnerships at the United Nations Social Impact Fund (UNSIF), supporting policy exchange as well as investing and financial cooperation under UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNSIF is an innovative joint investment platform, bringing together government and private sector investors to create both economic and social returns under a “blended financing” model and invest for 17 SDGs. She has been the Asia-Pacific Lead for South-South and Triangular Cooperation at UNDP since 2014, based in UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub.

Before moving to Bangkok in 2014, Nan worked in UNDP Africa as Country Advisor in New York, providing policy advisory to a portfolio of countries in Eastern and Southern Africa, and liaise with the Permanent Missions in NY. Prior to that, she worked in the UNDP Executive Office as Results Management Specialist, responsible for strategic planning, organizational performance, and the annual results report to the Executive Board.

Before moving to New York, she worked in the UNDP Regional Center for Eastern and Southern Africa in Johannesburg for three years, as the Regional Capacity Development and South-South Policy Specialist, supporting on China-Africa cooperation, regional integration, regional economic and business development, South-South cooperation, etc.

Prior to joining UNDP, Nan spent 10 years in multinational corporations and the World Bank project in China, Japan, and the USA, covering sustainable development, public-private partnerships, investment strategy and business development.

Nan holds MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). 


Jenny Chow

Chief Compliance Officer



Jenny Chow is a senior adviser to the United Nations Social Impact Fund, responsible for compliance strategy, structure and processes.

Prior to her current role, Jenny worked as Chief Compliance Officer in China Renaissance group, a renowned industry expert in business incubation and angel investment, with a key focus on technology, media, biomedical and financial services. This industry experience inspired her to explore new business initiatives in the emerging sectors that could generate economic returns and create positive solutions for the next generation at the same time.  Before joining China Renaissance group, she held senior management positions in China Merchants Securities (as Chief Compliance Officer) and ICBC International (as Assistant to CEO and Compliance Head). She also joined the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong and was responsible for the drafting of the securities laws.

Jenny has obtained LL.B and P.C.LL. in the University of Hong Kong and is a practicing solicitor in Hong Kong.


Yolanda Jinxin Ma

Communications and Partnership Analyst



Yolanda has joined the UN Social Impact Fund team as a Communications and Partnership Analyst.  She will be leading the outreach efforts across all activities for UNSIF, the fast-paced and growing initiative.

Yolanda has over 7 years of professional experience in digital media, data visualization and communications for development.  Prior to joining UNSIF, she was Innovation, Communications & Technology Expert in the Innovation Unit at BRH where she helped introduce the latest technologies and unconventional partners to UNDP. 

Before joining the UN, Yolanda worked for Thomson Reuters on the award-winning data project ConnectedChina that structured and visualized China’s elite leadership.  She started her career as the first-ever Social Media Editor for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, where she led crowdsourcing project while contributed to the digitalization of the paper. 

Yolanda holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, both from the University of Hong Kong.


Karl H Richter

Head of Research and Knowledge



Karl H Richter is the Head of Research and Knowledge for the United Nations Social Impact Fund (UNSIF). His primary role is to lead the UNSIF research council, an international group of academic experts from leading universities across the globe, to improve the analytical framework for social impact investing. This diverse group of thought leaders has been assembled to oversee an ambitious research agenda for accelerating more commercial capital to flow intentionally towards supporting the SDGs. Karl also coordinates UNSIF’s work in managing impact evaluation.

In addition to his role at UNSIF, he is also the co-founder of EngagedX, which specializes in providing bespoke consultancy, thought leadership, advocacy and policy work. He works internationally across private, public and social sectors. He is an experienced entrepreneur and has held leadership, management and executive positions.

He is a member of Groupe d’Experts de la Commission sur l’Entrepreneuriat Social (GECES), which is appointed by the European Commission to advise on its Social Business Initiative, a senior fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab and an adviser to the Global Value Exchange. He also sits on the OECD expert group on social impact investing.

Karl holds an MBA specializing in entrepreneurship and project management, and is the co-author of “Making Good in Social Impact Investment: Opportunities in an Emerging Asset Class”.


Tami Kesselman

Senior Advisor



Tami Kesselman is the Senior Advisor for the United Nations Social Impact Fund (UNSIF). 

In addition to her role at UNSIF, Tami is also the founder of TBL Alpha Advisory, which specializes in providing bespoke consultancy and thought leadership on impact investing and taking enterprises to global scale.  Tami has held leadership, management and executive positions internationally across private, public and social sectors.

Tami earned her MPA at Harvard University, where her focus was cross-sector management strategies, with curricula spanning Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Law School. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan, where she was a Taubman Scholar. 



Pasiwat Sutthirak

Programme Associate



Pasiwat has joined the UN Social Impact Fund (UNSIF) project, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub as Programme Associate.  He supports the project team in all aspects of programmatic support, secretarial and administrative functions.

Prior to joining UNDP, Pasiwat had worked as a Society Manager at the British Council (Thailand).  He managed and promoted the development of Social Enterprise programme in Thailand.  In addition, he played a key role in leading the mainstreaming of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in the British Council’s projects and processes in Thailand.

Pasiwat holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Public Affairs and a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Thammasat University, Thailand.

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